Welcome Drifters...

Into the Sands storm

Rumblings of an impending storms swarms over the desert. Dark clouds blanket the vast space with an electric promise of destruction. A neon sign glows through the whirlwind of dust and tumbleweeds. Revealing a structure that seems to have weathered time, nature, and celestial elements. Howling winds blow around the curves of rotting logs, creating a melody that rides on the shoulders of sand devils. Step inside and take shelter in the Sands Trading Company. 

Home to Drifters, Sands Trading Company sells items that capture the outlaw spirit: unique, authentic, and expressive. The music, art, hats and apparel are collectibles that were designed by Ol' Pete himself. 

From the BLACKKISS into the Sands.  

From early on I knew that deep inside my soul that I would evolve as an artist. BLACKKISS was a vessel that helped me figure out who I was and what I had to offer to the world with music. It helped me get through them dark times and connect with those who were going through the similar ordeals. Nevertheless, the time has come to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. BLACKKISS is no more for now and in its place has risen "Pete Sands & the Drifters". 

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