Our Story

Pete Sands was born and raised on the Navajo-Indian reservation in southern Utah.  Even from an early age he had a calling with music. He began performing solo acoustic sets in coffee houses, corner stores, bars, and open mics.  Getting broke in on them old dirt floor honky tonks. After a few years on the road Sands decided he had enough material to record his first EP under the direction of his soon to be guitarist Chris Aguilar.

In the fall of 2014 he released his debut EP "Dirt Dance Floor" under the name BLACKKISS. The music caught the ears of filmmakers and soon enough BLACKKISS was on the radar. His big break came when outlaw country legend Whitey Morgan asked him to open his Salt Lake City show for them. This was the first time Sands was ever in front a huge crowd.  Sands was now on the radar on the local Utah music scene. Soon enough he began opening for other major artists such as, Randy Rogers, The White Buffalo, John Moreland, and Honey Honey at the local live music hot spot "The State Room" in Salt Lake City, UT.

With his creative growth he enlisted drummer Steven Tabarez into the fold and now Sands had a drummer. Not long after in late 2016 they were invited to perform for their first time ever on live TV on "Park City Television" after host Terry Burden caught wind of their performances.  After a few shows together Sands enlisted cello player Ren Javadov into the fold as well. Altogether Sands made several more appearances on the show both as a performer and guest.  BLACKKISS had now become a three piece band.  After a year a of playing together Sands was contacted by an indigenous Canadian artist by the name of Joey Stylez. Stylez had heard of Sands through the music grapevine and asked to collaborate on a song together. Not long after they had created the song "Save our Souls". 

In 2017 things took another turn for the better. Sands was cast in a new television series by the name of "Yellowstone". The writer and director of the show was none other than Taylor Sheridan who had also heard of Sands through his music. Soon enough Sands not only had music in the new show, but also made several cameo appearances.  Sands was also invited to the red carpet premiere of Yellowstone in Hollywood. To date Sands has had more music featured on both Season 1 and 2 of the show. 

Sands had a grand vision in place now. He knew that he had to record a full length album with a sound he knew that no one else had ever heard. After headlining their first big show in Salt Lake City at the legendary venue "the State Room" which was hosted by none other than Taylor Sheridan, Sands knew there was a change coming. So with the change he also knew the old name of the band had to go with it. BLACKKISS was now PETE SANDS & THE DRIFTERS.  Old friend and guitar wizard Chris Aguilar had now officially joined the band. Another addition to the band was bass player Nate Meredith. So now including long time drummer Steven Tabarez,  Sands had finally formed a full band. Also joining was slide guitar player Ryan Hawthorne. 

The name of the upcoming album is "Thunder Roads". Its a mesh of country, rock, blues, and a lot of desert attitude. Its concept album through and through. It'll take you back to a time when you would hear radio DJ's tell stories late into the night as you drive down a long stretch of road. The Drifters are Steven Tabarez on Drums, Chris Aguilar on Lead Guitar, Nate Meredith on Bass, and on/off again steel pedal guitarist Ryan Hawthorne.