"There's singers and they're voices and this is a voice. The difference is you can listen to a singer, but a voice is the soundtrack of your life. And this is what Pete Sands is."”

— Taylor Sheridan

Pete sands & the Drifters

Pete Sands & the Drifters is pure desert born music coming straight from the heart of the Navajo-Indian Reservation. Founder and leader Pete Sands grew up listening to the old country songs from the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and at the same time learning the songs of his ancient culture. Formerly known as "BLACKKISS", Sands rebranded after finalizing a full band lineup.  Chris Aguilar on lead guitar, Nate Meredith on bass, and Steve Tabarez make up the Drifters band. 

Due to their truly unique desert sound Pete Sands & the Drifters have been labeled as gritty and bare-boned Country Music. And due to their unique sound Sands & the Drifters caught the ear of Hollywood filmmaker Taylor Sheridan. He was so impressed with the music he included some new songs from the upcoming debut album "Thunder Roads" in the first and second season of Paramount Networks' highly rated TV show "Yellowstone". The debut album from Sands & the Drifters will be feature some guest spots from Taylor Sheridan, Kelsey Asbillie, MC RedCloud, and Badd Wolf.  Its a mix of old country soul with an modern outlaw country edge.


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